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Jakks Pacific CFA Sisal Wand With Feather Ball $7.90

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Jakks Pacific CFA Sisal Wand With Feather Ball

by Jakks Pacific

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Product Information

  • Developed by the Cat Fanciers Association
  • Cats can play solo
  • Holds attention
  • Can be very good exercise

Cats cannot resist feathers. Maybe it is because birds are feathered or maybe feathered chickens are their favorite. The love for playing with these light, tickly wisps can probably be traced back to the time when all cats lived in the wild and recognized a feather as prey. Just attach this to your doorknob with the convenient Velcro tab. Your kitty will play for hours trying to capture the feather boa. There is also a mini sisal scratch pad that your feline can sink his claws in. He will feel like king of the jungle.

This toy was created to copy the interaction between your cat and the natural stimuli and elements found in the wild. It is challenging for his body as well as his mind. It helps him build more agility and dexterity. Jakks Pacific CFA Sisal Wand With Feather Ball is great for seniors as well as kittens. A new prey will interest your older cat and get him off his favorite spot on the couch. The kitten will leap, jump sideways and pounce trying to capture the feather. You can take kitty’s place on the sofa and watch his playful ways.

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